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In the elementary years it is important for students to be excited about learning. Our enrichment classes hosted at your school site, include hands-on activities that connect learning standards to real world applications related to the field of aviation.

AviationEd, Inc. believes that every child is capable of achieving their goals when given the opportunity. In our school enrichment programs, aviation is used to engage students, promote critical thinking skills, and provide career exploration. The following courses are typically offered as an elective during the course of a school day or in before/after school (club) setting by one of our instructors. We run 5-8 week courses for Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions throughout the school year. We are happy to speak with PTO representatives, school organizers, or interested parents on how we can bring our program to your school!

BLUE JAYS- Preschool

Early Childhood Education is the perfect time to introduce creative thinking and problem solving skills. STEM activities help preschoolers use their already inquisitive and curious minds to explore through learning and playing.

PLANES R US: Weather, motion, temperature, and water are some of the topics little aviators have fun exploring in Planes R Us! Students have a super time understanding the relationship these and other factors have on aviation. Student in Planes R Us fly “hot” and “cold” planes; sort and weigh planes; and use their senses to understand STEM concepts.

ABCs OF AVIATION: In this course, students have an opportunity to explore the parts of an airplane one letter at a time. By assembling parts onto an airplane, drawing airplane parts, and by testing their airplane for optimal flight, the ABCs of Aviation student grows in their understanding of a variety of airplane parts and their function. Come along and enjoy all the fun letters and aviation can be!

STORYTIME AND STEM: Preschoolers will explore STEM concepts through books, games, and related hands-on activities. The first half of the class is dedicated to the storytime portion, which includes song, book, or interactive game. The second half is set aside for hands-on activities to put their knowledge they gained from storytime into practice. This will promote inquiry, curiosity, and excitement about learning.

PRESCHOOL PILOTS: Preschoolers gain STEM skills while doing science experiments related to aviation and aerospace! Classes are guided by the students’ natural curiosity and invites even more exploration, questioning, hypothesizing, observation, and skill-building using flight simulators. Students will read age-appropriate books, use “Mystery Bags” to create take-home projects, and build model airplanes.

ROBINS- Primary

The K-2 Robins program consists of introductory exposure to aviation through hands-on learning activities and the utilization of the standards-based AviationEd curriculum. Activities include model building and scientific investigation which provide science and math applications. Children’s books are also incorporated to build vocabulary, allow students to make connections, and aid in comprehension.

THE PLANE TRUTH: What will happen if I shorten the wings of my plane and fly it through the air? If I lengthen the plane’s ailerons, what will my airplane do? These and other related questions are explored in this fun-filled plane design and Scientific Method-based camp! Students have an exciting time changing airplane design, making predictions about flight patterns based on changing airplane features, recording results, making take-home projects and playing plane design games. Don’t miss out on discovering “the Plane Truth” about airplanes.

STEM AVIATION: Gravity, Wings, Four Forces of Flight, Parachutes, Directions and Weather Vanes! This course is packed with aerodynamics, navigation, and meteorology topics, all important in the world of aviation. Some classes will implement the use of the flight simulators.

TOYS AND FLIGHT: Gliders, Helispinners, Boomerangs, and Rockets! These common toys all involve physics and aerodynamics. Learn about science through the use of toys!

HAWKS- Upper Elementary

In the 3rd-5th grade Hawks program, students will conduct investigations through the standards-based AviationEd curriculum. The more hands-on the learning process, the more likely students are to stay engaged.

ALL ABOUT AIRCRAFT:Students really get to know various types of aircraft, their history, and their roles in aviation. Each class covers specific types of aircraft such as cargo planes, fighter jets, airliners, biplanes, and supersonic jets! Each project-based class uses aircraft types as a basis for student learning. Come along and learn All About Aircraft!

JUNIOR AEROSPACE ENGINEERS: Learn about airplane parts, movements, and controls and then create your own glider through the engineering design process!

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Explore the growth of aviation from 1000 BCE in China with kite-making all the way to space exploration with rockets! Each class will cover a monumental time in aviation and students will get to create their own model, such as hot air balloons, parachutes, and rockets. Some classes will implement the use of the flight simulators.

RAVENS- Middle School

Sixth-8th grade students use creativity, innovation, imagination, and collaboration to develop academic skills. Students in the Ravens program use multiple resources, including prior knowledge and technology, to develop presentations for their peers. Activities include presentations of course work, scientific investigations, simulated flight training, and career exposure.

FAMOUS FIGURES:Students learn about some of the famous figures that shaped aviation history and continue to influence the current aviation world! Each student gains a better understanding of the milestones that influential aviators accomplished, and shaped the way we look at and experience aviation today. Each class uses the trials and accomplishments of influential aviation figures as a basis for projects.

FLIGHT THEORY: This course will cover flight theory including concepts of lift, drag, and wing design. Students will use what they learned to participate in a design challenge. Some classes will implement the use of the flight simulators.

PILOT SCHOOL: This course will be flight simulator intensive. Learn about the basics of flight and apply what you learn on our mobile flight lab.

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