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Bluejays - Preschool

Half day camps are offered for inquisitive 3-5 year olds. These introductory camps are designed with age-appropriate activities including science investigations, arts and crafts, games, stories, and movement. All campers must be able to separate from their caregiver and are potty trained.

Will it Fly? Campers are immersed in discovering variables that affect an airplane’s ability to fly. Through completing take-home projects, exploring literature, singing songs, and the manipulation of airplane parts, your camper becomes an expert in predicting an airplane’s ability to fly!

Preschool in Flight: As a preschooler in flight, your child will soar while investigating the sky and all things about flight! They will expand on what they already know and learn more about the world around them.

STEM in the Sky: Your little camper’s day will be immersed in discovering things about the sky! They will also use their creativity to engineer and build related projects.

Skycatchers - Primary

Half and Full Day camps are designed for our lower elementary aged campers between 5.5 and 8 years old. Campers will engage in fun activities and challenges while also learning STEM concepts.

Air-Mazing: Air-Mazing! campers are surprised and thrilled at the power of air! Campers participate in scientific activities and are provided with the tools needed to explore fun scientific principles of the sky.

Skylab: During Skylab, campers will participate in aeronautical design challenges and investigate various flying objects. Flight simulators will be used to reinforce concepts of aerodynamics, rocketry and physics.

Air & Space: Air & Space Camp includes activities of model rocket construction, flight simulation and space exploration. In addition to flying simulators, students will build multiple projects during this weeklong STEM immersion.

Skyhawks - Upper Elementary

Half and full day camps are designed for our upper elementary aged students, between 9 and 11 years old. Campers will apply their background knowledge with newfound skills to participate in STEM challenges and investigations.

The Air Show: Campers at The Air Show use their time at camp to learn through a virtual air show! Air Shows, like this camp, are packed with interactive learning experiences and a unique opportunity to learn about the world of aviation. Campers learn about different planes, important figures, and of course stunt pilot tricks!

Flight Exploration: Flight Exploration campers will experience hands-on model construction, exploration of airplane parts, virtual flight deck tours and flight simulation. STEM comes alive during this program, which will leave campers with a new appreciation of important learning concepts.

Junior Engineers: Junior Engineers campers will participate in engineering design challenges, aerodynamics experiments and advanced flight simulation. Bernouili’s principle will be explored through flight simulation, air powered rocket, slow descent parachutes and an engineering design project.

Cardinals - Middle School

Half and full day camps will keep your middle school aged child busy with theirs eyes in the sky. Our camps are designed to keep 11 to 14 year olds engaged and thinking. They will be exposed to higher level thinking activities and lessons that also expose them to various career fields.

Skyworkers: Air Marshalls, airplane inspectors, and aircraft fuelers are all careers in aviation that are possible in addition to air traffic controllers and pilots! Campers learn about various careers, responsibilities, and requirements in this unique camp. Take a week journey exploring and testing out these possible opportunities.

Test Pilot Academy: Test Pilot Academy introduces campers to advanced flight simulation, the world of air traffic control, model aircraft construction and test flights. STEM concepts will be explored through airfoil construction, building wind tunnels, engineering balsa wood airplanes and designing an airport with a runway!

Makers Challenge: Makers Challenge campers will explore aerodynamics and physics concepts with lessons focused on the four forces of flight, the atmosphere and aircraft design before taking the makers challenge. At the conclusion of the camp, participants will share their inventions during a formal presentation.

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