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Suzette Adams

Ms. Adams is a certified school counselor with a Master of Education in guidance and counseling from Bowie State University. She has served in various roles for Fairfax County Public Schools, including most notably, Assistant Principal. She also has experience in teaching and school counseling.

Nicole Grewell

Ms. Grewell is an environmental scientist by training, and holds a joint Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Policy from Tufts University. She has extensive experience in civil service, having worked for both the Federal and State government in environmental compliance. Additionally, Ms. Grewell has significant teaching experience, having taught college-level biology for several years. Science has always been a passion of hers, and she values the time she gets to spend teaching children and engaging them in STEM at AviationEd. She enjoys spending her free time with her family, from doing science experiments at home to learning more about the world by traveling abroad.

Isabel Maples

Mrs. Maples is a registered dietician by training and holds a Master of Education in Nutrition and Wellness from UNC, Greensboro. She is a committed educator and communicator, and brings this to the classroom in conveying STEM concepts. In her varied career experiences, Mrs. Maples has also served as a food safety expert and an Ambassador of the National Dairy Council. As an instructor, Mrs. Maples feels privileged to have the chance to impact kids' lives and maybe even their future career choices. In the kitchen, Isabel loves to apply scientific principles as she experiments with recipes for yummy results. In her spare time, she enjoys fitness activities, cooking, baking, entertaining, and spending time with her three children and granddaughter.

Whitney Miller

Ms. Miller is a musician by training and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Bassoon Performance at Western Michigan University. Ms. Miller has performed with several orchestras and has experience in music instruction. Additionally, she has also worked as both a substitute teacher and an elementary teacher’s assistant. She enjoys both AviationEd and STEM in general because they give students the opportunity to experience STEM in a way that can be different, creative, exciting, challenging, and inspirational for the students. At home, Ms. Miller enjoys being the mad scientist in the kitchen, coming up with new and exciting edible creations. She also enjoys reading books, watching movies, spending time outdoors and music.

Akanksha Sharma

Mrs. Sharma studied biology in college and received a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology. Ms. Sharma has worked as a daycare instructor and math teacher. She believes that the best part about STEM is that instead of teaching the four disciplines (science,technology, engineering and math) as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning program based on real-world applications. Ms. Sharma particularly likes teaching at AviationEd because they utilize the aviation industry to integrate STEM. She finds that it is a fun way to teach, and that the kids love every bit of it. In her spare time, she likes to run with headphones and listen to music - her favorite “alone-time” hobby. She also loves spending time with her family. She believes that you should always be happy and content with what you have since “being happy never goes out of style.”

Jackie Sulton

Mrs. Sulton is the founder of AviationEd and lead curriculum developer. She holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University. Her teaching experience began through a position with Teach For America in Los Angeles, California, and also includes time as a K-5 science teacher in Oakland. She has also worked as the Director of Development for Goodwill’s YouthWorks! Program during her time with Americorps. Presently, she provides expertise for Pepperdine University as a Performance Assessment for California Teachers Scorer, where she evaluates teachers in their credential program. Mrs. Sulton enjoys teaching with AviationEd because she loves being able to show students how concepts they learn during their school day can be applied to real world applications. She’s amazed to witness the new new solutions and designs that the students come up with! Outside of these pursuits, she enjoys exploring new places, reading, and doing crafts and experiments at home with her son and daughter.

Juan Urista

Mr. Urista attended San Diego Miramar College and studied Aviation Management. He has a wealth of varied experience, including nine years in tactical training support for the DoD, DoJ, and law enforcement. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served for seven years in aircraft maintenance and public affairs. Additionally, he is an FAA-certified Advanced Ground Instructor and student pilot. His teaching experience also includes 14 years of martial arts, and he himself is a black-belt martial artist! He considers it a privilege tto teach students through AviationEd. His outside interests include martial arts, Civil Air Patro,l emergency services, and search and rescue.

Katherine Hoeck

Ms. Hoeck holds a B.S. in mathematics with a concentration in physics from Shepherd University. She has experience teaching both subjects at the middle and high school levels. She also helped developed lesson plans for her school's STEM curriculum. During her time at Shepherd, she participated in several research projects on physics computing, mathematical modeling, and engineering. She loves having the opportunity to share her passion for STEM with younger generations and getting to see the look on their faces when they discover something new about the universe. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her dog for hikes, kayaking, snowboarding, and any outdoor activity. And of course, Physics. She also likes to tinker with her Arduino microcontroller in her spare time and build circuits!

Marianne Jeffries

Ms. Jeffries is an experienced elementary school teacher. She is a graduate of James Madison University where she earned a B.S. in interdisciplinary studies (math and science concentration) as well as her M.Ed. At Aviation Ed, she enjoys teaching engaging lessons that the students enjoy. She really does love math (you can sometimes find her playing math games just for fun!) and strives to make it fun for the classroom as well! Personally, she also enjoys spending time with her family and one year-old daughter, baking, and making crafts.