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Photo: Courtesy of Leah Marsh Photography

James grew up going to air shows. His parents made him prove he was ready to obtain his driver’s license by first completing three flight lessons in an airplane. His mother was the first African American female to earn her private pilot’s license in the state of Georgia. It is no wonder that James was so fascinated by flight at an early age.

He later met his wife Jacqueline. She accompanied James to air shows and was soon immersed in the aviation world. As a girl and being raised by immigrant parents, this was a career field that had never crossed her mind. Having taught in low income areas, she realized there are so many learning and career opportunities out there that her students weren’t being exposed to either, aviation being one of them.

The field of aviation carries excitement and thrill to students, it is the perfect way to teach across curriculums, especially in science, technology, engineering, and math. Inspiring and engaging all students through aviation broadens their world and diversity in the field.